Control of your operation is key


Fundamentally succesful businesses in the hospitality sector is based on your people and the

standards and procedures they adhere to.The expectations of the customer in 2015 means that

they are more adept at evaluating sub standard performance recently highlighted by the emergence

of customer review sites such as TripAdvisor.


Human emotionial states mean that we are not consistent in our work patterns meaning that any

snapshot analysis by  mystery shopping programmes in the hospitality sector that give results at 100%

are never to be considered as a true reflection of operations.


Benchmarking will merge together standards of operation performance, and create the weakness  gap analysis

this in turn will allow you to format a continual improvement process that can be monitored via action planning

.Some of the perfomance gaps normally indentified with a ailing business are:


  Mindset                                                                                 Operations                                                           Marketing

S,M.A.R.T Goals                                                                  Time Management                                             Strategy                                                                

Market audit/plan                                                                Staffing controls                                                  Branding                                                                      

Sales Forecasting                                                                   Customer Service & Operations                 Continuity

                                                                                                     Profit and Loss Forecasting                            Test & Measurement of activity                          






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If your business is not currently

use benchmarking techniques in your

business today, how are you keeping

control of your operations?

Humans are not robots and due to to our

variable  mood states, inconsistencies

in standards of performance can occur.

Operational handbooks, job descriptions

appraisals and time management techniques

should be used to control staff performance 

Professional operation auditing is required

to ensure weaknesses are acted upon

promptly to maintain performance


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