Why Coaching?

One of the main issues in considering appointing a coach to assist you in growing your business

is your own defensive barriers.As humans we are generally risk averse and do not adjust to

change comfortably.This is completely acceptable because you require clarification

on points such as:


Will the coach be a good fit and will we personally be able to work together?

Will the coach set out a vision/goals and strategy for the future prosperitiy?

Will i lose any of my current profit during the change to the business?

Will i get a return on investment for my outlay.


With any plan for growth a good coach will ascertain

Your goals and aspirations

What you want to achieve financially

A plan of how you can achieve your goals

An action plan of how you are going to get there


With this in mind we have produced 'done for you' programmes that put you at 'ease of mind'

that your business is stable and growing in the right direction. With larger organisations overall

direction  can get confused, cohesion falters,  and strategic  direction lost as middle management

concentrate on their individual departmental  duties.


We give an holistic independent view of  the current operation identify the performance gaps

and give a structured analysis of recommendations  on the way forward. We are also mindful

that our advice is cost effective, all of our  business growth packages come with a money back

guarantee and realise a cost benefit ratio of a minimum of 3 to 1 on expenditure.  



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A coach worth working with should dispel your

worries about:


you losing authority and control of your business

during the duration of coaching programme.


Coaching fees  being too expensive verses the

forecasted increase in profitabilty.


Any consultant worth their fee should give you

an indication of what your financial position should

look like  at the end of consultation period.


Guarantee success or offer you some

compensation if targets are not reached.


Omark coaching programmes ensure that your

team is not disrupted duriing the development

process and endear a positive reaction to any incremental change that might happen.

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