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   1. You maybe currently  managing a succesful operation but want to develop

      your business to the next level

   2. You may feel your day to day operations are uncoridanted and lack direction

  3  You or your business is stuck in a rut, and unsure of the best way forward  

   4  You dont feel as if you are getting the right quality of information from external

        suppliers .

   5  You have a specific problem with a part of your business, Marketing,

        Advertising,Promotion Customer Service,  Sales. etc, and need some quick


   6  You are a victim of an economic downturn




Leadership & Management


The Problems with Leading & Managing

We are all made up differently and our attributes and personalities differ greatly,

this can be one of the main reasons why business falters as owners find difficulty

of getting a grasp with direction of the business and managing a team to achieve

your  business goal.The need for change can take many different paths depending

on the personality traits of the operator/owner but in general the four stages are as follows

Forming or Awareness

Weakness and mistakes are covered up, there is no shared understanding of what needs to be done,showing little care for other peoples views.

Storming or Conflict

Personal issues are opened up and team members can become  become defensive,

individuals find it difficult to admit wrong doing.

Norming or Co-operation

Confidence and trust start to emerge together with a more systamatic and open

approach establishing objectives and collection of information detailed plans and

progress reviews.

Performing or Productivity

Flexibility leadership decided by situations not protocol where everyones energy is utilised

culminating in being more productive working better together in a co-hesive manner.


Owner operators that go through this process succeesfully will then display

Clear objectives and agreed performance goals

Support and Trust

Co-operation and trust

Good decision making

Review of team process

Sound team relationships

Individual development opportunities


We have  worked closely with governing bodies to seek assistance in growth funding  for instance the governments Growth accelerator scheme also offers a leadership and management support package that can be managed by Omark Another option is the growth voucher package which is managed by your local Chamber of Commerce  .                                                                  

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Do you have a clear vision or mission goals

that your employees understand?

Do you measure staff performance

via action plans and time management?


When was the last time your staff read

the operations manual if you have one?


Are you conducting staff appraisals on a

regular basis?


Do Job descriptions actually fit what they are

currently peroforming in your business?

When was the last time you benchmarked

your current operation standards identifying

where improvement maybe neccesary?


Does your team have the training schedues

to operate more effectively?

Regular staff meetings allow feedback

from employees ,that will motivate your

team and create a better working place.


Are you aware of any resistance in the business

especially within your current operations team?

At Omark we can assist you with putting

together a choesive plan for change

as part of an overall business

development package.

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