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   1. You maybe currently  managing a succesful operation but want to develop

      your business to the next level

   2. You may feel your day to day operations are uncoridanted and lack direction

  3  You or your business is stuck in a rut, and unsure of the best way forward  

   4  You dont feel as if you are getting the right quality of information from external

        suppliers .

   5  You have a specific problem with a part of your business, Marketing,

        Advertising,Promotion Customer Service,  Sales. etc, and need some quick


   6  You are a victim of an economic downturn







Marketing is about attracting customers and selling to them. people can get confused thinking Marketing is about

Advertising and Promotion but this is only a mechanism to attract them to your outlet.



Think of your strategy and tactics like trying to outwit your opponent in a game of chess,

pre empting their moves and decisions,if you can identify your target customer's and

acknowledge the products and brands they want to buy from you,this will make it

easier for them to make a buying decision.









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The way in which we interact with customer has changed rapidly in the past few years,moving

from more traditional ways of advertising and promotion to more cost effective socila media

techniques that make connection easier.


The problems lie in how much time to spend and what R.O.I we get for our expenditiure,

the truth is a mixture of offline and online effort is required. Depending on the size of the

organisation somewhere between 1-3% of net turnover should suffice to have a campaign

with impact.


Many businesses suffer with inconsistency in their efforts, the strategic approach should be

repetitive and consistent, think of your Marketing as a heartbeat and concentrated on your target market to catch all prospective custom.


The new marketing is to mirror the customers mindset, giving them entertainment solutions

that attract and over deliver, creating a reasons to go reasons to stay culture, and then maturing them into long term custom.

Marketing is about:


Attracting customers to your offer and

keeping them.


Selling more to your existing customers


Targeting your promotions to the right market


Advertising  cost effectively


Understanding your  local market place


Using an arsenal of online and offline

advertising and promotion tactics.


How you can "entertainment fix" customer's


Adding value by giving presents


Keeping your message relevant and consistent.


Control of your retail pricing.


Ensuring your brand talks to the customer.


Connecting with the customer at all times.

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