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        Sporting Events

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   Business Growth  & Development Specialists






 Nobody likes to see empty seats at a sporting

occasion even the matchday supporters.


So it becomes even more crucial to optimise

the marketing and selling opportunities

outside the matchday sports event.


Seamless integration and quality of your

matchday hospitality is a fundamental requirement

with todays fickle customer base.


Turnaround of problematic operation areas

needs repairing and action in between home



At Omark our work in these areas has seen the

development of new catering and club shop

areas with premiership football clubs


"Omark gave us some great ideas on how to grow our pre match revenues,and how to make the  match experience more comfortable for the spectator".

Premiership football Chief Executive

        Business Development


"It would be advantageous to develop buildings that attract spectators with

upgraded facilities before the match to increase food and drink revenues".


  •  Club shop

  •  Bars & Catering

  • Corporate Hospitality

  • StadiumWeek day activity

              Match Day Corporate

                 Hospitality Audit






Pre match Ticketing

  • Matchday betting

  • Stewarding                  

  • Bar areas

  • Entertainment

  • Meal Experience

  • Health & safety                               


   Customer service disciplines audited  


  Presentation           Speed of Service


   Staff hospitality      Hygiene


   Waiting times          Product quality  


   Ambience                 Ease of use            

"We were not acknowledged on arrival

and  once seated had to wait ten

minutes  before we  were asked

if we would like a refreshment.

                   Match Day Stadium




Around the ground

  •    Club shop

  • Programme kiosks

  •   Matchday betting

  •   Ticket collection

  •   Catering kiosks

  •  Stewardship

 Inside the ground

  • Stewarding                  

  • Bar areas

  • Health & safety                                

Customer service disciplines audited  


   Presentation           Speed of Service


   Staff hospitality      Hygiene


   Waiting times          Product quality  


   Ambience                 Ease of use             

"It was apparant that this kiosk had

major fobbing issues which meant frustrated spectators and loss of


More information please concerning no obligation 30 minute business consultation.

Business growth and incremental profit is essential for your continuing success.

Attendences can be variable depending on how well the team is doing out on the pitch

which means revenues can be distorted when benchmarking against the previous year sales and profitabilty. Non match day activities need to be seperated and focused on to create more longer term consolidated visions and  goals.


Are you currently using an arsenal of different advertising and promotional tactics to entice

supporters, companies and individuals during the week?

Its cost six times more to attact a new supporter to the ground than serving a current fan

Are you maximising the retail opportunity at your merchandise units?


Could you be servng the supporters more effectively before and during half time at refereshment kiosks?

Are the tickets sales team using different tactics to entice the supporter to more matches?

Are the kitchen team maximising gross margins during match days?


Due to our past work with football clubs Omark can assist you in answering some of these issues with a free thirty minute consultation please feel free to fill in the form on this page.


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